We believe in empowering our student to share our 20 years of experience in Marketing both Digitally and Traditional. To excel in anything you must understand the process to develop your skills.

Our training team are all qualified Marketing and Business Practitioners and are experts in their chosen industry (in other words the work in their business every day) The advantages about this is you will receive up to0 the minute information and case studies that are relevant to your business sector. We understand the importance of first-hand experience and not just reading it out of a textbook.

Digital Marketing moves at a rapid pace every day that is why our courses teach the fundamentals of Marketing to current and future developments in these challenging landscapes.

We offer a wide range of courses both online and in-person through one to one Zoom Conference Call to Webinars and classroom-based courses.

So if you are ready to move your career or business to the next level Kompass Media Training Hub is the right decision to make for you!

Some of Our Most Popular Training Courses

LinkedIn Training
Twitter Training
Facebook Training
Instagram Training



New Start-Up Companies that want to be guided through the process of building a brand or company online.


People that want to pursue a career in Digital Marketing, looking to learn from Industry Experts.


Small Business Owners that want to grow their brand and reach new heights with Digital Marketing


Entrepreneurs that want to be noticed across the Digital Landscape and develop their outreach online.


Medium Size Business owners that want to upskill and develop the Digital Presence to the next level.


Corporate Companies that want to invest in up-skilling their employees Digital Marketing Training.


Deliver Excellence & Achieve Success!

Social Media Marketing

Digital Design

Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Envision Marketing

Social Media Networks


Wendy Stunt


Wendy Stunt

We provide expert consultation and discovery planning for your business.  This type of training is tailor-made to suit your long term goals.  This planning is visualised by our expert Wendy Stunt who has had great success in assisting and improving business owners.  Have you had a consultation with a visionary consultant? This type of consultancy will give you a new road map and marketing plan for your business.

Wendy has expert training in advertising, marketing, business planning and strategy shaping and is a sincere and valued business entrepreneur in her field.

Alan Hennessy


Alan Hennessy

We provide Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced training courses for SME's (small and medium enterprises), solo entrepreneurs and business owners. The Social Media Overview course provides an insight to all the various social media platforms and demonstrates the value in implementing them into your business plan and strategy.

We look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube. We educate you to have a better understanding and help you choose the right digital platforms. This will help attract new clients and customers, covering all relevant areas to promote your business or services. Alan also provides training on a wide range of Digital Marketing aspects for business including Content Creation, Livestreaming, Podcasting and Digital Graphic Design

Yvonne Reddin


Yvonne Reddin

All your writing requirements will be covered, whether it is proofreading, copywriting or creative writing classes; we will help you discover what type of reportage you need. Writing on different platforms requires expert specifications and understanding which Yvonne provides for you.  Yvonne can guide and advise you and your business what content will work best for you after the planning and strategies are in place.

What we offer at Kompass media is a core understanding of different aspects of business planning and we have it all here for you as a package or an individual suite. We also encourage your input and feedback so we can design the best opportunities and strategies for you.
Contact us today for more details on the wide range of training we provide to corporates, small and medium-sized businesses and sole entrepreneurs Email us for a brochure or to schedule a discovery call today info@kompassmedia.ie